Deconstructed Pouch

A cute pouch made in ...... no, not China...Go Vietnam!

This pouch was to cute to resist ... but my true motivation for my purchase was to deconstruct this little guy to investigate its assembly.  I was a bit hesitant to take it apart for I've taken things apart before without ever figuring out how to put it back together again...sort of like Humpty Dumpty.  But as some wise person said...nothing venture, nothing gain.

Deconstructed Pouch

Figuring out this pouch wasn't as bad as initially feared.  The construction is similar to zippered pouches with a lining to hide raw edges.  Each edge was marked with a sharpie to help with reassembling the pouch matching, ie., "side a" (outer fabric) to "side a" (lining).  It worked! Whewwwie

I will attempt to describe how to assemble one of these cuties.  Where words fail, I hope the pics will be of help.  If not, just let me know of any troubling spots.

Materials and Prep Step:
  1. Cut one piece of outer fabric and lining : 9 1/2" x 4 1/4" (For this pouch, deer=outer)
  2. Add interfacing (optional) 
  3. Overcast edges to stop fraying (optional) 
  4. Zipper = 5" 
  5. All seams = 1/4"

Step 1:
Sandwich zipper between the outer fabric and lining.  (Lining faced up, Zipper faced up, Outer fabric faced down).  Pin both fabrics to top edge of 5" zipper.  (There is an excess of zipper that you trim later).  Sew with zipper foot.

Step 2 : 

Top stitch (optional).  Lay fabric apart and press. At this point the outer fabric (the deers) on on one side of the zipper and the lining is on the opposite side.

Step 3:

This is the step that hard to explain in words but here goes:  Grab the opposite side of the outer fabric and fold over towards the zipper. Do the same for the lining.  Pin both fabrics.  Use zipper foot to sew.  Top stitch (optional).

Step 4 :
The outer fabric and lining will form 'tubes' by positioning the zipper in the center.

Follow the next steps if you want to add a trim to the bottom of the pouch:
  1. Crease the sides of the outer fabric to use a guide for trimming placement
  2. Place trimming between the two creased lines and baste in place : pic below : The trim is in the center of the pouch.

Step 5:

Pin the bottom, outer fabric and lining together, and sew across using 1/4" seam.  Trim excess zipper.

Step 6 :

Open up your pouch and place the strap at the top of the pouch close to the zipper.  Baste in place.

Step 7 :

The end is near.  Pin across the top as shown in the picture above.  Leave a gap in the lining to turn inside out later.  IMPORTANT: Open the zipper half way to also turn pouch inside out.

I sewed from left to right, across the zipper, up until the second pin on the lining. 

Step 8 :

Pull pouch through gap in lining, then pull through zipper.  Sew the opening in the lining. 

Step 9 :

Drum roll please....

Use this tut as a basic pouch pattern and change up the size, making it smaller, larger, longer, wider...
I'd like to see your pouches ... so leave a note with a link to your creations...till then, enjoy.


  1. Vous pouvez regarder le TuTo de ma pochette berlingot qui ressemble à la votre!

  2. Thanks for the Tuto, I made it few times :)