Try and Try Again

I am watching America’s Got Talent.  The two most adorable boys, Future Funk, are doing an incredible break dancing routine.   I can’t help myself from smiling.  This is how I watch The Big Bang Theory, with a smile.  When my spirit is running on empty,  I turn to You Tube to watch The Big Bang Theory snippets for a laugh, a sure fire way to bring me back to the moment by letting go of whatever was of bother.  I am miffed that the actors will be at the San Diego Comic Con without me.  As god is my witness, I’ll be there next year!! 

Working on ‘cute’ projects make me smile too.  Who could resist making the kawaii bunny pouch from the ever popular Zakka Sewing book?  Take a look at the site for an authorized release of the bunny pattern and instructions here.

It only took me 5 tries to get it right.  I am a beginner at sewing so this project was a bit more than my skill level.  But it’s so cute, I had to keep trying.

Here’s my first try…the pattern was too small and I had trouble sewing the curves ... LOL ... what the hell is this?

Here’s another try… I think I see a bunny being born!

I searched the internet for HELLLLP , finding only a couple of bloggers with pics of their pouches. … sigh.

But be patient  my little grasshopper, for as a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly so does the bunny (huh?)

And here she is...ahhhh..finally

And here are my pattern notes to hopefully save you a bit of grief :

The Pattern
  • Scan page into Photoshop Elements/Photoshop/Similar Programs
  • Crop page down to pattern
  • Double size of pattern
  • Add to width, about an inch
  • Save “Pattern”
  • Crop body, flip horizontally, do a save as  (Once you double the size of the pattern, the body/lining/ear will no longer fit on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet)
  • Go back to “Pattern” and crop lining, flip horizontally, do a save as
  • Go back to “Pattern” and crop ears, do a save as
  • Note: I wish I could share my set but there are copyright issues with doing that : at least I think there are and  better safe than sorry.  
  • But here are: Dimensions for My Final Resized Pattern: Please use measurements as a general guide since the 'iffy' part depends on how much you crop the initial pattern :  Body Size (5.767 width x 10.247 height), Lining (4.47 width x 9.937 height), Ear (2.797 width x 6.437 height)

Sewing Curvy Curves
  • Print another set of pattern for body, lining, and ears (see pic below)
  • Cut down to seam line
  • Use this set to trace sewing lines onto fabric/interfacing
  • Machine sew zipper.  Hand sew body following drawn on sewing lines. (but if you're more an experienced sewing person then you go ahead and machine sew the entire bunny)
  • Note: This step was the key in getting the curves right 

Etc Etc Etc
  • Used interfacing instead of batting
  • 2 strands of embroidery thread for attaching ears with a blanket stitch

I plan on making more of these guys now that I have the hang of it.   Thank you Zakka Sewing people.



    1. i love it ! And a great pattern, i need to try it soon myself....allready had it downloaded a while ago... xxx

    2. You're most welcome! If you run into problems just give a holler....

    3. This is so cute and here's my attempt
      You helped me alot and I mentioned you in my blog.

    4. I visited your blog and was delighted with your zakka bunny!!