A Note

I have decided to put my blog on hold for a while. Things happen. Don't worry about me please, I'm a-ok, just a bit stressed about a family situation (nope, not with my grouchy hubbby who is actually a good fella).

I know several of you just joined in as followers and I thank you. I thank you all. Maybe I'll be back but I know only of this moment.

I had hoped through my holy moly challenge, through exploration of different crafting styles, I would discover what truly is my passion, that one thing that makes my soul sing, that one thing that is me...did I find it? I think it is sewing by hand. It's peaceful. It makes me smile. I like it. I like it very much and hope to work on developing my skills using needle and thread. (I did a little bag that I hand sewed except for the handles as one project)

Thank you all so much for your support. I will continue visits to your blogs to keep in touch...

Hugs, Kat

Project 9 :: An Elegant Rabbit Brooch

I think I'm in trouble.  Here it is, nearly the end of March, and I'm only on project 9!  Do I believe that I'll make it?  I have too.  For some odd reason, my family believes that I never finish anything.  The other day I had to tell my grouchy hubby to ..."please have faith in me"... after continually harassing me about the 70 pinwheels that I had to finish by Saturday.  But BROOHAHA...pinwheels all done.

I'm still enjoying my Holy Moly I have too Many craft books challenge.  This challenge is really getting me to do things I've only thought about.

Here is Project 9 ... an elegant crochet rabbit brooch. The project came together easily, 2 round circles for the head, a small circle for the nose, and the 2 ears.  The head and nose are lightly stuffed with batting and the ears are stiffen with wire sewn on the back. To confess, I didn't add the pin on the back yet, thinking to sew it this rabbit on a bag instead.
I really love this crochet book, a bit different from other books in my collection.  Take a look-see inside ...
I think it's safe to say, I'll never run out of projects...even if I live to 100 ! hahaha

I found this kawaii coin purse on Zakka Life. Can you guess what recycled item is used in this coin purse?
image from Zakka Life
It is made with a yogurt container cover!!! Zakka Life followed a tutorial on Idle Hands Empty Brain.  How clever!!!??!!!  This is one of the cutest of green crafts. If you give this a try, I'm sure Idle Hands Empty Brain would love to hear from you.

Happy Day (*^-^*)

Spinning Pinwheel Madness

We took a trip to Seattle for a few days.  "...feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable" is how our taxi driver in Seattle described Seattleites. I love that description.  Seattle was cold...wet...with snow flurrys...a possible vacation buster for warm weather people.  But watching the Seattleites out and about, seemingly oblivious to the weather, many without umbrellas, I decided to be in the moment and embrace the weather. 

Our little attitude adjustment manifested into a wonderful experience for this here island girl ::. having crazy fun when smacked with a snow ball, oohing and ahhing at a found starfish along ALKI beach while cold winds froze our faces and ears, buying hot dogs with a Japanese twist from a street stand in the rain, venturing to Pike Place Market on foot to eat at Piroshky's instead of sitting on the sofa buried under a warm blanket, taking refuge in a TOP POT to savor doughnuts along with a hot cup of cocoa, making a must visit to the Seattle Aquarium to see the so cute otters ! :: Oh yes, we had a lovely time in Seattle. 

Back from our trip, the first order of business was making 70 pinwheels!  It's for my mom's 97th birthday, an important milestone in Okinawan culture known as Kajimaya.  Kajimaya is a word for "pinwheel", signifying an elder's return to childhood. 

After hunting for a tutorial for a pinwheel that actually spins, I decided against pinwheels using pins and thumbtacks for safety sake, or methods for very pretty pinwheels but that would turn a task of making 70 pinwheels a month-long project instead of one week.  Cost was also a big factor.  So in the end, I mish mashed several tutorials into a one. 

A Spinning Pinwheel Tutorial
16" ribbon
Thick straw ( used for smoothies )
9" 18 gauge wire ( I found this in the floral section)
Wooden Bead
Flower Shaped Cutout 
2 sided cardstock, a 5" square

Draw an "X" on side of the cardstock that will be the inside of the pinwheel; creating 4 triangles
Measure 1/2" from the center and mark; repeat on all 4 lines.
Make a tiny hole in the center of the cardstock
Cut along each line, up to the 1/2" tick mark
Punch holes in the left corner of each side
To hold the pinwheel together, I used glue dots and a small stapler. Glue works too. 
Match up the holes; using glue or glue dots to hold the points together
I stapled the middle for extra security
Bend one end of the wire about 3/8". 
The wire is a bit thick so it helps to have pliers or a jewelry tool
Insert the bent end of the wire into 2 holes of the button
Insert the wire into the flower cutout (punch a hole in the center first)
Pinch wire as needed to fit through the hole in the flower cutout
 On the underside, flatten short piece of wire
Insert the wire through pinwheel
Insert wooden bead on wire
Make holes in straw
Insert wire through straw
The next step is to wrap the wire around the straw
Leave a space between bead and straw to allow room for the spinning
I used a pencil in the picture for illustration but it's easier to use your finger
Wrap the wire around the straw
Tie a bow in the back of the pinwheel to hide the wire
Run through the yard with your pinwheel

If you need a classier pinwheel :: Here's a pretty pinwheel tutorial. The pinwheel is a Heather Baily creation but I am linking another blogger's version because of her more detailed pictures. 

Image from Paige and Brooke
happy day (*^-^*)

Project 8 : Oh yeah !

Hi ! I am excited about this project ! Can you guess? Nope, not sewing.  It's a crochet doll ! For a long time I wanted to make one of those crochet dolls with a hood.  It's my first so please be nice.

the book
the project

my zakka inspired spin

The doll reminds me of a Japanese baby toy my son had. The next time I visit Japan I will haunt for the toy that haunts my memories.  It's one of those things that I wish I kept.

Do you like to crochet? Here are a few gems .... 

this site has other cool free amigurumi patterns

this blogger has over 1800 followers..worth a look-see at her other wonderful projects!

Happy Day (^*^)

Project 7 : I think I can I think I can

Are any of you pinning to Pinterest?  Upon  checking my blog stats, I was surprised that Pinterest is driving traffic to my blog...and that's a good thing.  It's not a whole lot but more than usual at times. This of course means others are using my photos from my blog..without permission.  Is that a bad thing?  I'm okay with this practice as long as it's simply to share and links back to my blog or flickr account. The most popular pin? My bento bag tutorial !

I decided to give Pinterest a try, creating my own pin board.  I was really surprised how quickly folks found my pins.  How did they do that?  I pin, then the next day, I find notifications in my inbox of repins by others.  I guess I'll keep experimenting with this Pinterest thing for a bit longer. I've already given up on Twitter.  I didn't get it. 

It's been a while since my last project.  It's not for the lack of working on any projects...first I attempted a felting project to make a hedgehog, which I failed at. Then I tried making a macaron, thinking it be more fitting to my novice skills given its simple round shape.  But nope, that didn't work out either.  I had an after thought to take pics but my hubby had emptied my craft trash bin before I could get to it. Oh, why is (a crafty) life so hard??? !!!

After making a mess of the felting projects, I thought I would do a cross stitch...maybe a clock?  It didn't take long for reality set in. Cross stitching takes hours and hours ! So I shelved all the books, floss, and cross stitch fabric away for another day.  So it was back to sewing. 

No ISBN : A magazine?
See that little bag? It's so cute, with it's gathered bottom.  I like finding new ways to make bags and pouches.  The shape of my bag does not look at all like the pic.  Oh well.

I did change up the style a bit.  I experimented with styling the handle with a wider fabric on the under side to create a border.  I like it.  And of course, pom poms makes it all pretty like.

At this point in the challenge, I think I can make it.  Oh yes, there are thoughts of defeat that creeeep around in my mind but I shut those suckers down right away.  It will be a battle for sure.  Yikes!

I found this one SO CUTE project, a macaron coin purse, on craftpassion.com, that I want to try.  For now it will have to remain bookmarked until I have the time.

image from craftpassion.com
Until next time ~
happy day (*^-^*)